Tuesday September 23, 2014


  • What type of housing development would you like to see replace the East View Lodge building?
  • Assisted living
  • 52%
  • Personal care home
  • 6%
  • Low-income housing/apartments
  • 42%
  • Other
  • 0%
  • Total Votes: 31

National News

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Politically tricky Mike Duffy expenses trial to start in April, run through June

OTTAWA - The politically charged trial of suspended Sen. Mike Duffy will begin next April 7, six months before the next scheduled federal election....

posted: September 23,2014

National News

Calls for recount grow in New Brunswick, Greens say review needed of glitch

FREDERICTON - Calls for a recount in New Brunswick's election grew Tuesday as the leader of the People's Alliance added his voice to the Progressive Conservative party's push for a hand count of every ballot cast....

Nortel's bankruptcy trial hears closing arguments in cross-border trial

TORONTO - Lawyers for Nortel's U.K. pensioners say all creditors owned the tech company's patents and the money from their sale must be allocated on a pro rata basis to the various bankrupt entities....

A balanced budget law is not a cure-all for federal finances: PBO

OTTAWA - Canada's parliamentary budget officer says a law requiring the federal government to run balanced budgets in normal economic times doesn't guarantee economic stability....

Conference Board report says age, not gender, the new income divide in Canada

OTTAWA - Age, not gender, is increasingly at the heart of income inequality in Canada, says a new study that warns economic growth and social stability will be at risk if companies don't start paying better wages....

Mulcair returns to NDP roots with attack on 'freeloader' corporations

OTTAWA - Tom Mulcair is harkening back to the NDP's social democratic roots, casting his party as the champion of working class Canadians and the bane of what he calls corporate "freeloaders."...

Man convicted for his role in Mayerthorpe shootings seeking day parole

BOWDEN, Alta. - A man convicted for his role in the shooting deaths of four Alberta Mounties in Mayerthorpe nine years ago will be seeking day parole at a hearing in central Alberta....

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