Health inspector visits Deerboine Colony sale


By: Lanny Stewart 

The Deerboine Colony had an unexpected visitor during its annual fall sale last Saturday. 

A Manitoba Health inspector visited the event and wound up asking those in charge of the sale to remove several food products off its purchasing tables.  Stefane Gravelle, regional manager of Manitoba Health, says a few meats, including the canned chickens for sale, did not meet farmers' market guidelines. 

"There were a few products that the colony was asked to take off the tables just because they were meats from unapproved or uninspected sources," he said. "There was also some canned goods that were classified as potential hazards." 

He says the colony was very cooperative in dealing with the inspector and that the sale was not completely shut down either. 

"No arguments or anything like that. It was pretty professional," he said.  "They (colony) kind of understood where we were coming from," he continued. "A lot of the other products were fine and dandy." 

He says several tents were still in operation till the end of the event, including the sale of poultry, eggs and some red meats. Gravelle says Manitoba Health and the colony will be working together from now in an effort to continue the annual sale whenever the colony sees fit. 

"We're not shutting them down. But at the end of the day, if they (colony) feel it's too restrictive and it's not worth it -- then it's their call," he said. But we're definitely working with them to try to get them to jump through the same hoops as everyone else." 

The Deerboine Colony is located approximately five minutes north of Alexander. The yearly event has become rather popular in Westman for its plethora of items available for purchase. There are also items where the proceeds go directly to charity.