Tuesday September 16, 2014


  • What type of housing development would you like to see replace the East View Lodge building?
  • Assisted living
  • 52%
  • Personal care home
  • 6%
  • Low-income housing/apartments
  • 42%
  • Other
  • 0%
  • Total Votes: 31

Thoughts for the week


I’ve been so busy storytelling in this column recently I haven’t been able to write you all some of the thoughts buzzing around in my (usually empty) head about the week that was like I used to do (although, if you’re like my friend from Brandon, the topic likely doesn't matter; as he put it, “You’re like a clown. I don’t care what you write about, as long as you make me laugh”)(my apologies to any clowns who read my column and felt insulted by being compared to me). So, without further adieu (which is an ironic statement in itself because it really gives “further adieu” by saying “without further adieu”), here’s some thoughts, starting with a story from the paper this week: -On Monday, Canadian banks stopped distributing the penny. I’m all for saving money on penny production (re: article Page 9 for backgrounder) but did the Government think about how this will affect our everyday lingo (see if you can figure out the phrase before reading to the bracket at each sentence’s end). What will we hold on to, or pick up off the ground, for luck? (lucky penny) If something’s expensive, what will it cost? (costs a pretty penny) What will we refer to when we’re explaining to our future children (some day I’ll pop out mini-Kaitens and face this conundrum) that they should save money now to spend it later? (a penny saved is a penny earned) What do you get for thinking? (a penny for your thoughts) And what are all of the businesses going to do with all of those “have a penny, leave a penny, need a penny, take a penny” jars on their counters? (maybe you won’t be, but I know at least I’ll be too cheap to start leaving nickels) By the way, how is the USA making its pennies cheaper that they’re able to keep distributing and using their pennies? And now that the penny is gone, will we start to see more nickels lying around on the ground (something’s gotta replace the penny, right?). -Watching the Super Bowl halftime show, why is Beyonce still allowed to sing “Put a ring on it” (pretty sure Jay-Z’s taken care of that already). Sticking with the Super Bowl, here's some quirky bets: Length of the post-game handshake/hug between the coaches; how long will it take Alicia Keys to sing the National Anthem; will Beyonce’s hair be straight during her performance and what colour (since it’s in the States, it was spelled “color”) of Gatorade will be dumped on the winning coach. -If Febreze kills 99.9 per cent of the odour germs, then that 0.1 per cent sticking around on my basketball jersey is a potent bugger (just ask my opponents). -I ran in to Neepawa’s own Swamp Gas performing at the Irish Pavillion in Brandon Saturday night. They put on quite the show, kept the dance floor ‘popping’ (or is the correct term ‘jigging’ in an Irish context) and were quite enjoyable (wish I could say the same for that shot of Jameson’s whiskey the Irish folk passed my way). -FYI, we're a couple weeks into the NHL season now, and I have yet to insult the Toronto Maple Leafs (that's usually not an easy task). -As much as I enjoy Justin Timberlake’s humor in movies and on Saturday Night Live, his new song “Suit and Tie” (which also always makes me think of How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson) is making me question him “making a comeback’ (maybe he should have just stuck with “Bringing Sexy Back”). Anyway, until next week when I’ll likely return with a story about how I screwed up something (which is even more likely than usual (if that’s possible) as I’m housesitting for the parents; my track record with watering plants isn’t really great), make sure to keep a smile on your face and I’ll do the same.


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