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Chamber AGM; Neepawa Chamber reports net loss for 2012

Adette Tripon/Neepawa Press

The 2013 board of directors were sworn in last Monday including, from left, Jason Epp, Don Dufort, Marvin Beaumont, Trish Phinney, Kaiten Critchlow, Sheri Grant, Norma Henderson, Kendra Buchanan, Rochelle Unico and James Underwood. Missing are Ashley Burton, Ronald Santos and Troy Mutch.

After a fruitful financial ending in 2011, the Neepawa Chamber of Commerce has reported a loss in net income for 2012. At its annual general meeting last Monday evening, the Chamber reported its net income for 2012 to be about -$3,992, as compared to its 2011 net income of about $11,407 – a difference of about $15,000 in net income. “We didn't have as pretty a year this year as the year before,” the Chamber's Marvin Beaumont explained to a crowd of about 50 people at the AGM, adding there were a couple unprofitable events that really led to the negative net income. While the Trooper concert was well-received by those in attendance, its expenses were just over $3,000 higher than the income it brought in; with concert expenses coming in at around $43,438 while the revenue generated only totaled about $40,235. The Chamber also spent $570.94 on the Ladies Night Out event that was cancelled due to a lack of interest at the time. The Neepex trade show planned for 2012 also had to be canceled due to a lack of interest but, due to suggestions from the business community, it's now expected to run every two years. “If it hadn't have been for (those events), we would have broken even,” Beaumont added. More profitable Chamber projects included the Christmas Parade – which was changed from a night parade in years past to a 'daylight' parade in 2012 - where revenue outweighed expenses by about $800. “We took some risks and tried some things,” outgoing Amanda Naughton-Gale said in an interview with The Neepawa Press prior to the AGM. “I think in every organization it's good to at least put yourself out there, and I think there were some things done last year that we can build off of.” That building will be done with a combination of new and familiar faces on the Chamber's board in 2013. Thirteen people were voted on to the board of directors Monday night, including both new members - two of which are part of Neepawa's growing Filipino community - and returning members. The AGM also featured a great meal by D & D Catering and a hilarious stand-up comedy routine by Niverville's Matt Falk.


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