Monday September 22, 2014


  • What type of housing development would you like to see replace the East View Lodge building?
  • Assisted living
  • 52%
  • Personal care home
  • 6%
  • Low-income housing/apartments
  • 42%
  • Other
  • 0%
  • Total Votes: 31

News Briefs


Here's a few news briefs and thoughts from local and international headlines/stories recently. As a Neepawa reporter keeping tabs on local hockey star Halli Krzyzaniak with each new team she makes (the U18 Team Manitoba this past week) I must admit I recheck the spelling on her last name at least three times every time I type it. However, last week I found out there is some other reporter in some other community newspaper who has an even rougher go of it when I found out that Halli Krzyzaniak's assist in a recent mini-series against the University of Manitoba set up a goal for Danielle Krzyszczyk (as I write this I can only imagine the tongue-twister the two could create for a sports announcer if they decided to pass back-and-forth on a two-on-one breakaway)(try saying this accurately at an in-game speed: Krzyzaniak passes to Krzyszczyk who passes back to Krzyzaniak who returns to Krzyszczyk who shoots...rebound, Krzyzaniak scores). In the film industry, Bruce Willis’ (arguably) best-known movie franchise is returning to theatres in 2013, under the title A Good Day to Die Hard (at least the franchise’s reluctancy to stop making the movies stays in form with its title, Die Hard). A new TMZ report says Michael Vick (remember, that football guy who was arrested for not playing nice with dogs) has blown through almost all (relatively) of the $31 million he’s earned since filing for bankruptcy in 2008. For interestfs sake, this is how you burn through about $29 million in four-ish years: he spent $10.9 million on taxes, $9.2 toward creditors, $2.7 to lawyers and accountants (Ifd like to be his accountant)(not his lawyer though, re: not playing nice with dogs), and the rest toward miscellaneous such as living expenses and child support. That leaves him with about $1.5 million (poor guy). Donft get too worried for him though, he just signed a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011 guaranteeing him another $35 million, so he should be able to limp by. Everyone talks about the sugar daddies out there, but what about the sugar mommas. A recent report points to the idea that there are plenty of celebrity esugar mommasf (not to be confused with the popular father eSuga Bearf off that eHoney Boo-Boof TV show) out there. Susan Sarandon recently celebrated her 66th birthday with her boyfriend (exactly half her age) who is 33 years old. Other celebrities dipping into the fountain of youth in the past include J-Lo who went with her choreographer 18 years her younger, Elizabeth Taylorfs eighth (and final, I think)(I hope) husband was 20 years younger than her (met when she was 56 and he was 36), Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore tried out a relationship despite a 15-year gap between them (40 and 25) and, lastly, 19-year-old Charley Hill started dating 48-year-old Linda Hogan (29 years difference) after she was married for 24 years to Hulk Hogan (apparently Charley Hill wanted to answer the Hulkfs coined wrestling phrase, gWhatya gonna do brotherh, by saying, ghow about your ex-wifeh). Professional boxer Orlando Cruz is being called courageous for revealing he is gay in an industry where that may be a tough thing to do. Cruz said he aspires to be a role model, to inspire children, and to begin a campaign to end bullying (and then he put on a pair of boxing gloves, climbed in a ring, and beat the snot out of some guy). While helping a friend move Friday, his father posed two questions I don't have an answer to: Why, if we changed our metric system in 1976, do we still have our vehicles advertised to us in miles per gallon rather than kilometres per litre? And, why is it priced so that you not actually (technically) buy one litre of gas (does anyone have the 0.9 cents at the end of the gas price). Anyways, that's it for this edition, until next week keep a smile on your face and I'll do the same


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