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  • What type of housing development would you like to see replace the East View Lodge building?
  • Assisted living
  • 52%
  • Personal care home
  • 6%
  • Low-income housing/apartments
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10 years ago Neepawa’s Hnidy makes the big league

Freestyle Photograpy/OSHC photo

10 years ago, Monday, March 2, 2001 Shane Hnidy signs NHL contract with the Ottawa Senators.

80 years ago
Tues., Mar. 3, 1931

Without the exchange medium and minus nerve to ask for credit but unable to pass another day without having certain highly desired viands for their consumption, some people resorted to the only other means of acquiring such on Saturday night at one of the local stores. But their actions were discovered and Cst. McCalian soon had them in hand.

70 years ago
Tues., Mar. 4, 1941     

The report of the auditors for the year 1940 was placed before the council. The report shows the financial standing of the town at the close of 1940 as compared with 1939 with an immediate cash surplus of $3,428.18 at Dec. 31, 1940. At the close of 1939 there was an immediate cash defecit of $3,670.28, so that the year disclosed showed an improvement over 1939 of $7098.46. Cash and investments in the sinking funds at Dec. 31, 1940 totalled $169,885.77. The defecit in this one being now reduced to $6,554.66.

60 years ago
Thurs., Mar. 1, 1951

The town council at the regular meeting Friday heard a report from Chief Constable Pasquill that his department strongly recommends the installation of some sort of lighting controls for traffic guidance at the intersection of Mountain Ave. and Hamilton St., as this intersection was a real traffic hazard.

50 years ago
Fri., Mar. 3, 1961

The operations, membership and shares capital of the Beautiful Plains Credit Union Society were all roughly doubled here in 1960, but this was passed off by president Harold Ishenberg in his report to the sixth annual meeting Wednesday night as nothing out of the ordinary. He recognized that this would be "exception for most businesses, but quite usual for a credit union." In fact, if the union had not made rapid progress, he suggested, the membership would have cause to look for something wrong. Most spectacular increases for the union during the year were in the amount of interest earned by money loaned by the credit union, and in the 'profit' or 'undivided earnings' recorded at the end of the year.

40 years ago
Thurs., Mar. 4, 1971

A model of the proposed addition to the Neepawa District Memorial Hospital has been constructed by the architects and will be soon on display in Neepawa. Construction for the new facilities and renovation is expected to begin this summer. The architects have dealt with the complexities of blending existing facilities with the new improvements to the hospital, permitting independant department future expansion and growth in such a way that it will provide a pleasant environment for the patients and staff inside and outside the hospital.

30 years ago
Thurs., Mar. 5, 1981

Every week, complaints come rolling in from Neepawa Press subsribers who live out of province. This week, there were about 10 variations, mainly in Alberta and British Columbia, all with the message that their paper was arriving two or three weeks late, or not at all. That's a rotten way to lose enthusiastic readers and subscribers.
Don't blame us, please, if you are having trouble with deliveries of the Neepawa Press. All of the week's editions are addressed, postal coded, and zoned and bagged in our office each Wednesday and taken to the Neepawa Post Office Wednesday evening. All mail leaves the post office the same night.
Where it goes after that, when it arrives and why, is known only to Canada Post.

20 years ago
Tues., Mar. 5. 1991

Manitoba Telephone is bringing it's customers in Arden and Eden into the 90's with it's service for the future program. Glenn Treffry, General Manager for MTS Southwest area, says "500 telephone customers will benefit from a $360,000 investment in new technology." "Arden and Eden will be cut over to computerized, digital telephone switching systems," says Treffry. "The high-tech switches are efficient and reliable and will provide improved transmission quality."

10 years ago
Mon., Mar. 5, 2001

The Ottawa Senators took a step toward their future on defence when they signed gritty Shane Hnidy to a two year contract. The $1.1 million U.S. deal also assured Hnidy's future, completing a remarkable transformation in which he has shed his label as a career minor leaguer. Hnidy, a 25-year-old from Neepawa who hadn't played a single game in the NHL before the 2001 season, has emerged as a valuable, tough presence on the blue line, carving out a role for himself on the Senators by filling in for injured players since the end of training camp.


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